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We take our name seriously.  Since 1994, we have been providing a balanced approach to plant health care needs in the unique mountain communities of Colorado. We are a licensed and insured, locally-owned company specializing in insect and disease treatment and tree trimming and removal. Whether you want to protect your trees or keep your plants looking their best, Earth-Wise’s knowledge and superior customer service has you covered. From our base of operations in Glenwood Springs, we service Pitkin, Garfield and Eagle County residences, municipalities and commercial properties.

What's New Summer 2020 - Bark Beetles

Bark beetles and engraver beetles kill trees by tunneling the cambium layer of the tree, which reduces the tree’s ability to move water and nutrients. Sometimes these beetles introduce a fungus into the tree, disrupting the tree’s ability to transport water and nutrients, and resulting in death. There are several species of these insects that are now presenting a greater risk due to the drought of 2018 and the number of avalanches in early 2019, that resulted in large numbers of downed trees. In particular, spruce beetles, Douglas fir beetles and Ips beetles are being seen at an increased rate in both the Roaring Fork Valley and the Vail Valley. Maintaining tree health through watering, fertilizing and providing optimal site conditions will reduce the likelihood of attack by these beetles. If treatment is necessary, traditional trunk sprays, systemic treatments or pheromone applications are all options.

Spruce beetle photo by:

W.M. Ciesla, Forest Health Mgmt. International,

Spruce Beetle